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Scallion pancakes

1.5 days

6 pancakes

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 2.48.40 PM.png

OK, the name of the game is light and flaky, which means you DO NOT want to OVERWORK the dough. This is particularly important when you’re mixing the ingredients together and when you’re shaping the pancakes. If you overwork the dough, these pancakes will taste tough rather than crispy and flaky.

1. Sift flour and corn starch into bowl. Whisk to mix well. Stream in hot water, mix until shaggy dough forms.
2. Add cold sourdough starter, mix.
3. Put dough into an oiled bowl. Cover, put in refrigerator overnight.
4. Dissolve salt in 1 tbsp water. Add mixture to dough, roughly knead to absorb the salt. Turn dough onto counter, knead just until dough forms. You don’t want to overknead this dough because you’re aiming for a flaky pancake, not a bread texture. If you overknead, you risk gluten developing, which will make this pancake tough. The dough will feel sticky, but that’s ok. You just want the dough to roughly come together. Cover and rest for 30 min.
5. Make the filling: Heat up vegetable oil over medium heat, until hot but not bubbling. Set aside. Ground up sesame seeds in food processor or crush them with a rolling pin. Mix with corn starch, salt, Chinese five-spice, chopped scallions. Add hot oil and mix all together. Set aside.
6. Rough out dough into large rectangle, roughly 1/8-in thick.
7. Dollop scallion paste all over rectangle, brush into even layer, leaving 1 cm around edges. From the long side of the rectangle, roll up so you end up with a log.
8. Cut into 6 even pieces.
9. Take one piece. Pinch edges together so you seal the paste inside. Lengthen piece by rolling on the counter. Take the right end and spiral in, until you end up with a spiraled dough.
10. Repeat with remaining 5 pieces. Let rest for 30-min.
11. Add 1 tbsp oil to a non-stick pan. Heat over medium-low heat.
12. Roll out spiraled dough so it is in a pancake shape. Add pancake to hot pan, cook over medium-low heat for 3 min with lid on.
13. Flip, cook same way on the other side, with lid on. Take lid off, cook uncovered for 2-3 min. You’re aiming for a golden-brown color.
14. Repeat with remaining dough. Enjoy!

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